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Is My Home Ready to Sell?

Courtesy of the Council of Residential Specialist

Giving Your Home the ‘On-the Market’ Makeover - You work with a Certified Residential Specialist because he or she is best able to sell your home quickly and profitable.  But remember: Your relationship with your Certified Residential Specialist is a partnership.  While he or she markets your property and screens potential buyers, it’s up to you to give your home a simple, inexpensive sprucing up that can go a long way toward a speedy sale.

With that in mind, here are some helpful hints gathered from Certified Residential Specialists across the country.

Before the Showings Begin

Hint:  First Impressions are Lasting Impressions  

The exterior of your home often determines how buyers will view the interior so here are a few tips:

*        Make sure your front entrance is clean and inviting

*        Paint or replace your front door if it is faded or worn

*        Add some paint to shutters, trim and any other outside features showing signs of wear

Hint:  Beauty is More than Skin Deep

Buyers often see the surface condition of your home as a sign of what’s underneath, so:

*        Keep windows and floors clean

*        Replace faded wallpaper and glue any areas that have come away from the wall

*        Repair worn woodwork

*        Repaint scarred or dirty walls in a neutral color

*        Steam clean carpeting or replace it if necessary

*        Repair loose knobs, sticking doors and windows, warped cabinet drawers, broken light switches and other minor flaws

*        Check and repair caulking in the bathtubs and showers.

Hint:  Accentuate the Positive

Try to see your home with a fresh perspective and arrange each room to bring out its best attributes, including:

*        Open draperies and curtains to let the light in during the showings

*        Remove all unnecessary clutter from your attic, basement and closets to better display spacious rooms (consider storage or a garage sale to dispose of extraneous items)

*        Arrange all your rooms neatly and remove excess furniture

*        Keep fresh, clean towels in the bathroom

*        Use candles or air fresheners to make the room smell pleasant

Hint:  Put Your Home in the Best Light

Strategically lighting your home, even during daytime showings, can create a cozy mood and highlight positive attributes of each room.  You might:

*        Avoid the use of overhead lighting that makes rooms look washed out and lifeless.

*        Be creative and arrange lamps to help smaller rooms seem larger, and large rooms seem more intimate.

*        Use lighting to highlight the “living area” of your home, such as a pair of chairs near a fireplace, or a table in a breakfast area.

*        Put the spotlight on the strengths and potential of your home.

*        Create the right mood and atmosphere given the room’s function, color scheme, etc.

*        Accent the positive aspects and unique features of each area of your home

*        Define the space and bring the room to life.

After the Showings Begin

Hint:  Leave the Selling to the Professional  

Buyers often feel uncomfortable in the presence of a homeowner.  Here are a few suggestions to help alleviate that situation:

*        Try not to be present during inspections

*        If you are home, never apologize for the appearance of your home

*        Only the Certified Residential Specialist should discuss any objections and subjects like price, terms, possession and other factors with the buyers

Hint:  Keep the Disturbances Down  

Potential homebuyers have a lot to take in, so minimize distractions.

*        Pipe in classical, jazz or soft rock music, but keep the volume low

*        If possible, turn off the ringer on your phone during showings

*        Keep cats, dogs, litter boxes and feeding dishes out of the way - preferable out of the house

Hint:  Create a Homey Atmosphere  

A buyer tries to picture themselves and their family living in your home, so:

*        Create a pleasant aroma by baking cookies or bread, or placing cornmeal in a pie plate in a warm oven on the day of the showing

*        If you have a fireplace, light it during the wintertime showings

Hint:  Have Records Available  

Even if a buyer doesn’t stud them, having records available can make it clear you are conscientious and have nothing to hide.

*        Have copies of your gas, electric and water bill from the last 12 months available

*        Be ready to show all home improvement and repair bills.


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