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C.R.S. (Why)

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Just 5% of all the REALTORS® in the U.S. can call themselves Certified Residential Specialists.  That’s because just one in 20 has the extensive experience, the unique commitment and the hours of advanced training necessary to call themselves a Certified Residential Specialist.  Yet, despite all the extra expertise you get, a Certified Residential Specialist doesn’t cost any more than any other REALTOR®.  In fact, the skills and know-how you get with a Certified Residential Specialist may actually save you time and money. 

And that’s just the beginning.  Here are some of the other reasons you should consider hiring a Certified Residential Specialist when you buy or sell a home.

1.  A Mix of Experience and Sales

A hallmark of Certified Residential Specialists isn’t just the advanced training and education they receive.  Just as important is the marketplace expertise they bring to the sale or purchase of your home.  To earn the Certified Residential Specialist Designation, every REALTOR® must have a significant mix of experience and number of real estate transaction.

Theses strict requirements are your assurance that your Certified Residential Specialist is able to apply his or her education in the real world, giving you the knowledgeable, skilled service you expect.

2.  The Highest Standard of Ethics

Ethics are not just important in a REALTOR®, they are essential.  That is why every Certified Residential Specialist is required to maintain membership in the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTOR® and to abide by its strict Code of Ethics.  That means when you work with a Certified Residential Specialist, you can rest assured you are dealing with a trained real estate expert who will treat you fairly and professionally every step of the way.

3.  A Focus on Home Buying and Selling

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, you face many risks along the way.  Financial risks, legal risks, even the risk that a home purchase or sale will fall through.  A every Certified Residential Specialist is trained to minimize those risks.

With that in mind, a every Certified Residential Specialist is guaranteed to bring you the benefits of their significant experience and variety of successful real estate transactions.  That expertise, combined with advanced education in area like finance, technology and marketing, lets you know that your every Certified Residential Specialist is able to make your home purchase or sale a success in every way.

4.  Technological Expertise

Technology is changing the face of real estate.  Computers, the Internet, mobile communications 0 each has helped make the market more efficient, and at the same time more daunting.  More than ever, the success of your home purchase or sale depends on the ability of your REALTOR®  to harness that technology, and make it work for you.

For that reason, the training required of your every Certified Residential Specialist focuses extensively on technology and its effect on the real estate business.  You can count on a every Certified Residential Specialist not just to understand technology, but to use it to make your home purchase or sale a worry free experience.  

5.  An Ability to Maximize Profits and Minimize Costs

Buying a home is not simply about paying the lowest price.  Selling a home is not just about getting the money you asked for.  Along the way, there are fees, taxes and numerous other costs that can impact the bottom line of your home purchase or sale.

A Certified Residential Specialist is trained specifically to help you understand the market place, negotiate successfully on your behalf and get a clear picture of a proposed transaction.  The result is a more regarding experience, whether you are buying or selling, or both.


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